Blue Ocean Swim Academy is the swim program of Blue Ocean Aquatics. We've built it out further to better serve our swimming clients.

Kaitlyn and Nick Ryan started the business in the hopes of providing valuable swim safety skills to swimmers of all ages. Since they started working as instructors and coaches, they started noticing a dramatic difference between the success or lack of success of different swimmers.

Some swimmers would progress rapidly, session after session accomplishing new skills and gaining confidence. While others seemed stuck, not really moving forward or doing so at an extremely slow pace.

Then one day they noticed that the swimmers that progressed quickly seemed to have an overall better relationship with their instructor. They trusted them more, everything seemed to click.

Who the swimmer is working with made a massive difference in the success of the lessons. Swimmers that previous had little to no progress suddenly started moving forward and all we changed was the instructor.

When that instructor to swimmer match was right, everything worked better. The swimmer enjoyed learning and progressed at a faster rate.

That's why we start every swimmer with a swim evaluation. We evaluate their swimming ability, how they interact with the instructor and find out what kind of instructor will work best with them.

The goal is to find out as much as we can about the swimmer so we can provide the best service to them and they get the most out of the lessons.

At the end of the evaluation, we look at everything we have learned, find out what the swimmer wants to accomplish and provide our recommendation. 

We recommend two things: a program and instructor. We strive to get it right from the first day so each swimmer gets the results they are aiming for.

The swim evaluations are designed to set both the instructor and swimmer up for success from the start.


Whatever the reason for wanting to improve in the water, we're here to help get there. 

Schedule a swim evaluation and set yourelf up for success from day one.